950 different wines.

Each one of them meticulously selected by me, Marcos Granda.

I admit it. Viticulturally speaking, France stole my heart long ago.

As a sommelier, I believe that the Champagne and Burgundy regions have produced some of the best vintages in the world over the years. And still do.


And as a wine lover, I greatly enjoy touring the small vineyards of these renowned areas, tasting the best of the small local producers and selecting old and iconic vintages at their best moment of consumption that I know will become the perfect pairing for our menu.

Today, the Skina cellar is a tribute to these small producers and a reflection of my personal tastes, my love for the Chardonnay grape from Burgundy and small production champagnes.

The ideal accompaniment to the seasonal Andalusian haute cuisine that the Skina team will prepare with maximum dedication, professionalism and affection for you.