Skina and Marcos Granda’s “secret”

“It’s impossible to make it in the hospitality sector without being a chef”.

Nobody trusted my ideas. No one would have bet on my vision. But in my mind, the secret was clear. However, I wanted to put it to the test first


So, I joined Manolo de la Osa’s team from 1998 to 2000.


In 2000 I obtained the title of Sommelier and did a stage at El Bulli. From El Bulli to Greenhouse in London, a “Two Stars” with more than 3,000 references in the cellar. I was with Greenhouse until 2003.


I travelled around Europe and much of this wonderful planet searching for inspiration and trying to corroborate what I believed was the secret of the success of the best restaurants in the world.


And in 2004 I put it all into practice. In 2004 Skina was born with the help of María Isabel Salamanca, my wife. In less than five years, we were awarded a Michelin Star. .


We opened Clos Madrid in 2018.


That same year, Ayalga was born.


In 2019, Clos received its first Star .


At second Star  for Skina.

All of it, without being a cook and proving that the secret of a great restaurant is not (only) having a great chef. What is the secret of a great restaurant? Knowing how to manage your talent. Selecting them, training them, and supporting your team. Working towards creating a strong bond between the restaurant and the kitchen teams. Ensuring that the family is passionate about great service and haute cuisine. Like the family that will welcome you in Skina. That is, in just a few words, is Marcos Granda’s secret.

Intersection of gastronomic talents

At Skina, Marcos Granda, is just one of the many pieces in this perfectly oiled gastronomic machine. Every single person in our team is valuable. Everyone is essential. We all support each other and depend on each other. We are all interconnected. The pieces of the Skina puzzle form a closely knit family. Allow me to introduce you all its members.


Mario Cachinero

Mario is pure talent, well-understood youth and listening skills highly focused on ensuring the kitchen Skina is a point of reference in Spain’s gastronomic culture.


Javier Gayo

High creativity, organisation, technical criteria and a lot of talent define Javier’s personality to the tee.



Adrián Martín

Adrián has an infinite capacity for work and a talent for learning the many different roles he performs at Skina.


Alberto Martín

Alberto is pure hospitality, empathy, and affection towards the client, with an immeasurable capacity for sacrifice and evolution.


Jesús Urda

A professional with incalculable loyalty and a great ability to translate my demands and needs into improvements in our day-to-day tasks.


Manuel Jesús Lobo

I believe the desert section is one of the most important elements in a restaurant. Jesús is pure delicacy and precision and knows how to capture my vision without hardly having to exchange words.

Without any of these great human and gastronomic talents… Without their commitment…Without their passion…Without their creativity…

We would not be able to offer our clients the kind of cuisine and service that is worthy of two Michelin Stars.

Without this intersection of talents, my dream would never have come true. They elevate your experience. They are the ones who do not settle for “excellent”.

They are the ones who will not leave any of the details of your experience to chance.

So, thank you, team!


In the ``small`` Skina stage there is only one protagonist

I have always believed that great restaurants are those that work incessantly towards making their customers feel important.

That level of attention is only achieved if the team dedicates all their energy, skills and passion to making the customer experience an incomparable one.

The size of the stage on which this gastronomic dance takes place is the least important of all factors. What really matters is the rhythm. The synergy. The passion. And in this cosy setting, rhythm, synergy and passion abound, and they are exclusively focused on just ten diners!

Ten protagonists. And four tables. Can you imagine the level of attention? Can you imagine the level of warmth? Can you imagine the level of affection? Ten out of ten. Come and live it! Discover a new dimension in Andalusian gastronomy. Discover Skina.